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Bees are fascinating creatures that provide vital support to a system that creates food for people and for wildlife. Humans have stressed that natural system that has provided food and if humans do not correct their errant actions, food will become more and more scarce.

Bees are both delicate and tough – they are hardy, resilient, driven, busy all the time, yet they will succumb to poison, just like you and other living organisms. That’s one of the pressures on bees at this time: the ubiquitous chemicals on lawns and gardens, in and on food, washed down the drain, rinsed off the car in a rainstorm, into the street, down through the porous soil, stripping the dirt of the life that provides the support to create healthy food.

What madness – to jeopardize all life, out of greed or ignorance or worse. This is when people must help to inform those who don’t understand the significance of these insults to life, a life that is often too small to be considered profound. What these tiny creatures do, from the bees to the micro-organisms, is create a web of support that allows for the production of food.

Do you like to eat food?

Help bees to survive, so they can help you to survive by providing consistent and nutritious food. Some people believe the situation is not so dire, yet do those individuals have plants lying dormant in their gardens, bereft of fruit or vegetable due to a lack of pollinators? This summer of 2018, many plants in vegetable gardens from New York to San Diego are being reported as un-pollinated. That means though the plants are growing their stems and leaves and flowers, they do not produce vegetables or fruit because the flowers are not successfully pollinated.

That’s where and when people like Patrick Lenahan make a big difference. By helping bees to have proper lodging for their haul of honey, we increase the chance they will survive and thrive, making it possible that they to do their vital work. Patrick helps every Honey Rocket to live a more secure existence by monitoring the hives for pests, providing food when the availability of flowers is low, placing the hives within zones comfortable for bees in terms of sunlight, shade, wind, orientation, as well as helping to maintain the imperative Queen of the hive, a Queen that needs to be healthy and happy enough to give birth to future generations for the success of the hive to continue.

For the Wise and Worldly:

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