Welcome to the home of Honey Rocket Bees. We have a deep respect for our buzzing buddies who help keep plants producing food for hungry people. If you like to eat food, then you likely owe bees a “thank you.”

Honey Rocket Bees began as a labor of love as Patrick Lenahan joined the effort to protect and preserve our best hope for productive farms and home gardens alike. Perhaps you’ve noticed that more often, gardeners and farmers are discovering plants with blossoms that are not being pollinated by bees, which means those flowers do not grow into the fruit or vegetable that would normally result. When blooms open and fail to be pollinated due to a lack of pollinators in the area, those plants cannot produce food.

When we treat nature as foundational to our lives the way it actually is, we respect our environment by keeping it clear of poison, by fostering its well-being by creating spaces for wildlife to thrive, by mimicking ways in which nature creates so that we too can create systems that dovetail with health and pristine states of existence.

If you would like to taste the best honey the Hamptons have to offer, please get in touch right away and we will send you off on a Honey Rocket of your own!

For the Wise and Worldly:

If you are a lover of local, raw honey, please contact us for the best honey on tap. A shy-pound jar is only $22 and a eight ounce jar is only $12, so call or email today and we will sweeten your existence in a beautiful and healthy way!

Also, we offer cases of twelve jars for $240 (15 oz.) and $135 (8 oz.). If you are a local, gourmet shop owner who wants to offer the best local honey, please let us know and we will provide gorgeous jars for you to inspire your customers with, for their beauty and for their nutritional and medicinal properties.

We are happiest delivering superior honey to the Hamptons, so please get in touch and we’ll help you get golden!